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Question on Getting Started:

Can you suggest some common golf etiquette? What etiquette rules do you see frequently broken?

Thanks for writing

That's a great question for beginner golfers. The first thing to note is nobody cares what you shoot as long as you aren't slow or distracting. I stress this over and over to my beginner students. When I was at my professional peak I would play often with people shooting in the 100s. It never bothered me in the least unless they were slow. Most good golfers won't know what you shoot or care as they are so focused on their own game. If you slow play down or distract them however, it can annoy them.

Golf is such a great game because it allows all levels to have fun playing together. Here are three common areas for etiquette breaches:

1) Always stand out of someone's line of sight. The best place is to stand a few feet in front of them face on so they can't see you when they are looking down at the ball.
2) Don't walk in someone's line on the putting green. That means an imaginary line between their ball and the hole, which could be curved if there is a break to the putt.
3) Don't play out of turn. The player whose ball is furthest from the hole is always up first.

I also believe not talking while others are hitting should be mentioned even though I assume most people know that.

I hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions.


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