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Description: Many skilled fitness trainers will tell you that if you can only do one exercise, do a squat. This is because squats are perfect for strengthening multiple body parts at once. They mainly work your quadriceps and gluteus muscles, but also utilize your hamstrings and back as well. Although you don't need any equipment outside of your own skin, you can even be creative and throw in some arm weights to help strengthen your arms, shoulders and upper back. For your golf swing, your gluteus maximus and leg muscles are huge for power and stability so these are a great exercise for not only swinging, but building leg strength to walk the links.

  1. Start by standing up straight and looking forward. Your feet should be about shoulder width apart with your toes pointed out ever so slightly to achieve and athletic stance. Note that the wider you stand with your feet the more you will use your glute muscles and hamstrings whereas the more narrow you stand the more you will use your quadriceps.
  2. Hinge at your hips allowing your rear end to move back a bit while bending at the knees. You should feel like your butt goes backwards. Make sure to maintain a neutral spine while keeping your head up and eyes forward to prevent slouching.
  3. If possible go down with your hips further than your knees. The deeper the better, but at least try to work towards the point of getting your hamstrings parallel to the floor.
  4. Finish by exploding back up to a straight standing position. As with most exercises try a count of 3 going down and 1 coming up. Breath in going down and exhale as you push up. Try to accomplish 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions.
  5. Note that there are various different forms to the squat, but this is the most common technique. You can add a bar or some dumbbells to increase weight as you get stronger. If you are adventurous you might even try adding arm curls or shoulder presses to your squats.
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