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Question on Golf Fitness:

What is the most common injury in golf and how can it be prevented?

Hi Bob. Thanks for writing I'm excited to get to help you with your game.

I think most golf professionals and fitness trainers would agree that the most common injuries from golf are back related. We also see a lot of hip, shoulder and elbow pain. Injuries often come from being out of shape to begin with, but they can also come from bad form, because obviously repeating the same move over and over as some do hundreds of times a day with a golf swing can be harmful if it's not mechanically correct.

There are many things a golfer can do outside of lessons to improve mechanics that help improve their body and protect it from harm. For instance as you will see in the attached video with Jeff if you improve your posture, your strength and your flexibility and remove compensations in your swing you will help protect your back along with other body parts. Keep in mind if one body part is inflexible, unstable or weak, other muscle groups, joints, ligaments, etc. will be called on to make up for the weakness and this can create stress.

To protect your back for instance, you will want to focus on strengthening the supporting muscles such as your glutes, legs and abdominals to provide support. Strong legs through squats and deadlifts and strong abdominals can go a long way in not only providing power in your swing, but also preventing injury.

I hope that helps and if you have any other questions please let me know.



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