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Question on Golf Fitness:

What is the differnce between stretching and warming up? Should I stretch before or after I play?

Hi George. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to helping you improve.

Warming up is obviously done before the round and should consist of dynamic movements. Think of your muscles as rubber bands that get tighter and tighter while you are not using them. So all of the muscles that you use for golf, that you don't use when you are sitting around at work or at home are only getting tighter and tighter. If you jump into any kind of quick or strenuous movements such as a golf swing, that rubber band will want to snap. A dynamic warm up basically gets you moving. It warms up your body, gets your circulation going, gets your nervous system ready and makes that rubber band more flexible again.

A dynamic warm up is basically one that entails moving rather than holding long slow stretches. Things such as jumping jacks, jump squats, jogging in place, toe touches, rotations with the club behind your back and deep squats are all good examples of effective dynamic warm up exercises pre round.

Because a lot of players stiffen up as they play and fatigue, post round stretches are always a good idea to help prevent muscle soreness and stiffness. These differ from your dynamic warm up as they are your more typical long, slow stretches where you hold in position for 10-15 seconds or so.

I hope that helps and be sure to check out our Fitness section on the site for more information on golf fitness and click on the attached video to see our fitness expert Jeff give his answer to your question.


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