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Question on Golf Fitness:

Do you have any exercises that will help me improve my balance? Should I stretch before or after I play?

Hi Mathew. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to helping you with your game.

The first thing I would have you do as your golf instructor would be check your set up. I would want to make sure that your feet are at least shoulder width apart and that you have your weight centered on your feet (in the arches). You need to make sure to steer clear of starting too much on your toes or heels. With that being said you also need to be in a good posture obviously before you can even establish balance. Bending from the hips as opposed to the waist, having a slight knee bend and a straight spine are all key factors to establishing solid posture. Standing too far or too close to the ball can also sabotage balance as you can force yourself to change posture to accommodate for an incorrect ball position.

Next there are many exercises you can do to improve balance and if you click on the attached video you will see our fitness expert Jeff talk about a few of them. 1/2 knees rotations and chops with a medicine ball, medicine ball swings, helicopters in a lunge position and using a balance/wobble board are all effective ways to improve balance.

To answer the second part of your question, pre round you should be going through a dynamic warm up where you are moving around to warm up your muscles, increase circulation and wake up your nervous system with jumping jacks, squats, shoulder rotations, etc.. Post round you should stretch everything.

I hope that helps and for more information check out our Fitness category on the site.


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