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Question on Golf Fitness:

What do you think is more important; golf exercises to work on getting in shape or working on my swing? Which should take priority?

Hi Bryant. Thanks for writing I'm excited to get to help you with your game.

That is a great question and I think to some point it depends on the individual player. As you will see in the attached video our fitness expert Jeff says fitness, because fitness is obviously one of the most important things in a person's life, let alone important in helping their golf swing. If you want longevity in the game and want to play pain free and play well, tuning up your body will only help. You will be able to play longer, gain more feel for what your body is doing in your swing and achieve the positions you desire.

With that being said, like I mentioned earlier, this question should be answered differently for each player. For instance, if you are in tremendous overall shape, but have a wicked slice and there are no physical limitations causing the slice, I would want to work on correcting ball flight first. Also, if you were a beginner I would want to teach you all of the basics of the game first just to get you up and running and then put you through a fitness evaluation to see where we needed you to focus in the gym. For better players though, it is critical to correct any physical weaknesses or limitations that may be the cause of their swing faults or could be a source of injury.

I hope that answers your question and please check out our fitness section on the site for hundreds of fitness drills, exercises, tips and articles to help improve this area of your game.


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