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Question on Golf Fitness:

Wondering what to practice to gain distance with the driver?
--Mario D. from Fairfield, CT

Hi Mario. Thanks for writing I'm excited to get to help you improve.

There are many factors that go into gaining distance. The 3 main ones are:

1) Club Head Speed
2) Launch Angle & Spin Rate
3) Center Contact

For club head speed we need to know that you are able to generate speed. That of course requires flexibility, strength, a good coil, a lot of arm speed and a club shaft that is tuned to your swing.

For ideal launch angles and spin rates again, it's all about getting custom fit and finding the driver that gives you the best measurements.

Last, hitting the ball in the center of the face of course requires good technique.

Without seeing your swing and seeing you on a launch monitor it's difficult for me to comment on your club fitting, your technique or your physical capabilities. What I can do though is give you 2 great articles to start with to make sure you are setting up in an ideal way to hit optimum drives and that you are doing all you can to apply power to your drives. Check these out:

Positioning For Driving Success:

Power Drives:

Next, I would recommend that you get a good fitting for your driver if you haven't already and visit our Golf Fitness section here on the site to get started on some fantastic exercises for strength. Here is an article on hitting it further from the fitness page:

Gaining Distance:

I hope this all helps and let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!


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