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Question on Hybrids and Woods:

Hi Maria,
I'm having problems hitting my 3 wood of the deck. I can it it fairly well from the tee box but not so good on the fairway. I'm a 16 handicap. Thanks.
--Spartacus C. from South Pasadena, CA

Hi Spartacus. Thanks for writing I'm excited to get to help you improve your game.

Hitting the 3 wood off the deck is surely one of the most difficult shots in golf. While we can all pull it off successfully from time to time it is rare to find someone who can hit the ball solid and straight with a 3 wood off the ground at a high consistency.

There are a few things you need to remember:

- Ball position is crucial. Playing the ball too far back in your stance or too far forward can make it difficult to get the ball airborne and hit a solid shot. I recommend playing it in front of the logo on your left chest. This may not be ideal for everyone though and as I can't see your swing, you will just need to experiment a bit to find what ball position works best for you.

- You need to hit down on a fairway wood. Yes, it is more of a sweep than an iron, but it's still a descending blow. There are a lot of highly skilled players that actually take a divot with their woods. Focus on hitting down so you can get the ball to pop back up.

- Stay smooth. One of the worst things you can do is jump at the ball and get quick from the top. It is important to have a nice slow, acceleration that gradually builds through the downswing and peaks at impact. Never accelerate early with a long, light club such as a fairway wood or driver.

I hope that helps and this article hear may answer more of your questions:

Fairway Woods:



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