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Question on Hybrids and Woods:

I have been really practicing my irons hard and I am at a point where I am making much better contact with an OK on plane swing. But now I am really struggling to sweep my fairway woods so a basic overview of differences in setup and swing between woods and irons would help.
--Scott R. from Aurora, CO

Hi Scott. Thanks for writing

I'm excited to get to help you improve your game.

The biggest difference is in the set up. With irons you should set up with your weight 50/50 between your feet and feel very centered with everything. The ball should be placed one ball forward of center for a pitching wedge through a 5 iron.

With fairway woods you should have 60-70% of your weight on your back foot and play the ball 2 balls forward of the center of your stance. Also, your head and upper spine should be tilted back to your right side behind the ball and away from the target. Do this from the waist up to make sure you don't sway your hips out of line at address.

The swings are basically the same as the design of the club alters your swing plane for you. Because they are shorter, irons sit on a more upright plane and therefore you will have a steeper swing plane and strike down on them. Since woods are longer, they naturally sit on a flatter plane and therefore you swing them more flat (baseball like) around your body and sweep the ball.

I hope this helps and be sure to check out the Fairway Woods section under the Golf Instruction tab at the top of your screen for more information on fairway woods.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.


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