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Question on Irons:

How can I be assured that I am hitting the ball first with my irons? I seem to keep gravitating to hitting behind the ball. I'll fix it for a while, but I seem to drift back to it.
--Dean W. from Brunswick, ME

Hi Dean. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to helping you improve your game.

When you contact the ball first, you will know by the sweet feel, the solid sound and the nice divot you take after the ball. Shots that don't feel or sound good or don't produce a divot may turn out o.k., but they certainly weren't struck perfectly. Unfortunately hitting down and through the ball and taking divots is not automatic for all players. Some golfers must really work at it, but when you finally start to get the feel for it, the increased distance and spin are amazing.

To hit down on the ball and trap it you need to make sure that you are making a good weight shift onto your front foot. When it comes to irons we want to be more on top of the ball hitting down. If your weight hangs back or falls back you will bottom out before the ball and either hit fat or catch the ball on the up swing and hit it thin. Either way, you will not be catching the ball flush.

The other important mechanic is that you need to have your hands in front of the clubhead coming into the ball. When your hands are leading the clubhead, the head is still descending and thus you can hit down and through and take a divot. If you allow the clubhead to catch up to or pass your hands you will be coming upwards and essentially scoop the shot.

This article here will help highlight the important things to do to get to an ideal impact position and hit down on the ball:

Impact: Getting To Perfect Impact:

I think you will also enjoy this article here:

Taking Divots:

Thanks and let me know if you have any other questions.


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