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Question on Irons:

Due to a fall down steps, my left wrist was shattered. With limited wrist range of motion during wrist cock how can I generate more club speed?
--Gary T. from Richmond, VA

Hi Gary. Thanks for writing

I'm sorry to hear about your accident. That is tough, but I'm glad you didn't give up the game and are open to working around it. Do you have any hinge ability in your wrist at all? When we cock our wrists properly our thumbs should move towards our forearms. How far if at all can you move them that way?

Cocking our wrists on the backswing creates an angle that we use to generate clubhead speed with on the downswing. As you release the angle into the ball you create speed. However, there are other ways you can generate speed and most notably you can use your pivot. The faster you rotate your core the faster your arms and club will move if you let them react to your pivot. The inside swings the outside. It's like the dog wagging the tail.

Make sure that you are creating a nice tight coil on the backswing so that you can unwind with a lot of speed in your downswing. The faster you can unwind and turn to the target with your core, the faster your arms and club should come through as long as you maintain the proper sequence of hips, shoulders, arms, hands then club.

Also Gary, you may want to get on a launch monitor and make sure that your shafts are correct for you. Without creating a lot of angles in your backswing you may need a different flex or kick point to help you get your ideal launch and spin rates.


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