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Question on Irons:

I have been playing for only 6 months. I can't seem to get the ball high. What can I do please. Thanks in advance Maria.
--Mary-Jane U. from Houston, TX

Hi Mary-Jane,

Thanks for writing I'm excited to get to help you with your game!

It is common of course for beginners to not get the ball up high or even to see a nice gap between their clubs. This can be caused by a few different factors. Two of the most common causes are club head speed and contact.

You need to generate a significant amount of club head speed to get the ball to propel high up into the air. As an example, if I took a 3 wood and a pitching wedge and swung both of them super slow, I'm likely to actually hit the pitching wedge further simply because it has loft built into it and it will jump up into the air even with slow speed. The 3 wood however would probably go shorter as it would just dive into the grass because of lack of loft. I need to swing fast to get the ball to jump up. It is rare for ladies to swing too hard.

As far as contact goes, we need to hit the ball square in the sweet spot and with a descending blow to get it to jump back up into the air. Without seeing your swing it is of course difficult for me to say how you can improve your technique and ball striking. My instinct though tells me that you probably need to learn to hit down on the ball. I am going to attach a couple drills for free that have to do with divots and impact. I think they will really help. Give them a try and let me know how it goes. Also, here is an article I think you will find useful:

Taking Divots:

Preset Impact Drill:
Preset Impact Drill

Divot Drill:
Divot Drill


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