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Mental Game Lessons

  • Can You Really Get Better at Golf?

    4 Easy Steps to Getting Better Many students come to see me because they are tired of shooting the same score year after year and not seeing any improvement. They even set goals, take lessons, put in more time and buy new equipment but all to no avail. This doesn't have to be the case for you! You don't have to be in the trap. Not the sand trap, worse... the Insanity Trap...… continue reading

  • Damage Control

    Everyone wants to be a hero. There is nothing like a heroic moment. We all remember and reminisce about the great things that happen in our lives, but even more so if we were the catalyst that made it happen. This could not be more true than in the game of golf. 19th holes are filled with the smell of beer and the tales of greatness that have taken place out on the links.… continue reading

  • Overcome First Tee Jitters

    One of the most common human fears worldwide is public speaking...unless you're a golfer. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Those first tee jitters. They get the best of us, from the most skilled professionals in… continue reading

  • Pre-Round Warm Up

    Whether it's poking a voodoo doll, saying 3 Hail Mary's, or doing back flips like Ozzy Smith, all great athletes have their own unique way to warm up for action. They are trying to get their brain pumped up for peak performance… continue reading

  • Pre-Shot Routine

    Most amateur golfers have heard of a pre-shot routine, but the irony is the majority don't have one. It would be rare to find a professional lacking in this area. Tour players are as knit picky about pre-shot routines as… continue reading

  • The Power of Positive

    Can you "think" your way to a better round? Or even "think" your way to playing worse? Lots of coin has been made around the world from renowned motivational speakers promoting positive thinking. From Tony Robbins to Deepak Chopra to Zig Ziglar the teachings of the power of the mind/body connection by these motivational gurus has changed the way people compete… continue reading

  • Thinking Your Way To Victory

    A competitor without a game plan is like a captain out to sea without a compass. Without a plan, a golfer is simply whacking away on the course in hopes that he or she has a lucky day and always lands the ball in the optimum spot without any forethought. Sure we have all had days like this where Lady Luck is on our side and we seem to be in the zone and on cruise control. Golf… continue reading

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Golf Overview
Overall Game
- Getting Started
- Equipment
- Golf Fitness
- Junior Golf
- Mental Game
- Practice
- Rules of Golf
Short Game
- Bunkers
- Chipping
- Pitching
- Putting
Full Swing
- Pre-Swing Fundamentals
- Shot Making
- Diagnosing Problems
- Driving
- Hybrids and Woods
- Irons
Playing Golf
Ball Striking
- Fitness (78)
- Course Management (82)
- Getting Started in Golf (75)
- Practice (66)
Course Management
- Club Selection (66)
- Equipment (107)
- Driving (68)
- Putting (127)
- Golf Rules (69)
Short Game
- Bump and Run (72)
- Chipping (82)
Ball Striking
- Chunking (79)
- Distance Control (86)
- Fat Shots (92)
- Flipping (48)
- Poor Accuracy (118)
- Slicing (48)
- Thin Shots (85)
- Topped Shots (52)
- Lack of Distance (108)
- Putting Accuracy (72)
Swing Plane
- Blocking (50)
- Inside Out (56)
- Outside In (59)
- Over the Top (49)
- Pulling (54)
- Pushing (66)
- Releasing Early (47)
The Swing
- Grip (65)
- Alignment (55)
- Balance (50)
- Ball Position (80)
- Posture (77)
- Setup (117)
Swing Plane
- Backswing (84)
- Controlling Trajectory (47)
- Divot (48)
- Downswing (67)
- Impact (103)
- On Plane (85)
- Path (84)
- Power (71)
- Shaft Plane (63)
- Swing Plane (112)
- Weight Shift (79)