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Question on Pitching:

Can you explain what a flop shot is and how to hit it?

A flop shot is basically a super high pitch shot that has very little roll. The ball will jump straight up into the air and then just grab when it hits the green. It is somewhat of a risky shot as it requires a big swing and a lot of air time so you should only hit it when necessary.

Contrary to what many pros say which is that you have to hit it often, I believe there are very few times during a round that you will have to hit a flop shot. A good example of when to use it is when the pin is tucked tight to the edge of the green and there is a bunker or something in the way that you must carry over. It is easiest to hit if you carry a lob wedge, but again, since it is not a shot that is required very often, many people will not bother carrying a lob wedge.

The easiest way to execute this shot is to set up open or aiming left of your target. This will force you to take a steeper/outside swing which will help you pop the ball back up quickly. Do everything in moderation, so set up just a bit open and see if it's enough. Play the ball forward of the center of your stance. Lay the face of the club open to add as much loft as possible, but keep it aimed at the flag. Make a nice long, slow, smooth swing and keep the face at the sky throughout maintaining the loft. Make sure to feel like the club is dropping under the ball so you will hit down and allow the ball to pop back up.


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