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Question on Pitching:

The pitching area of the game really gets me. I just can't get consistent with it. It goes to right on me. I am right handed., Any suggestions?
--Runnie C. from Warner Robins, GA

Hi Runnie,

Thanks for the question. In most cases when right handed players are hitting their pitches to the right it's because they are pushing or blocking them by coming too far from the inside.

I'm going to assume it's a block and try to help you out of it. When pitching, it is imperative to keep you arms and your club in front of your body and feel that your arms and torso are working together. If your arms move independently of your body and slide behind you on the backswing they will be stuck and it will be hard to recover. The result will be an approach that is too inside/out to your target line.

The same can happen on the downswing. If your hips, shoulders or torso in general move to quickly, your arms and the club can get left behind causing you to swing out too far the right of your target (for right handed players).

What I'd like you to do is to put either a headcover under each armpit or take a bath towel and wrap it around your back and hold it under your armpits. Then try to make half swings keeping the headcovers in your armpits. This will help sync up your arm swing with your body pivot. Make sure to feel that your arms and body are moving at the same rate of rotation. It may also help to put a club on the ground on your toe line and keep the club you are swinging in front of it. Visualize the club on the ground being a wall that your swing must stay in front of on the back and forward swing.

I hope this helps and be sure to check out the pitching section on the site for more drills that will be useful in helping you improve this area.


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