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Practice Drills

Indoor Drill - Putting 2 Ball Drill

This is a great drill done indoors without the distraction of a target. It will help you develop feel for returning your putter face back to square.

Indoor Drill - Putting Block Drill

The Putting Block Drill is a drill designed to help you get your putter face back to square on all length putts.

Indoor Drill - Putting Billiards Drill

This drill is all about getting pinpoint accuracy with your putting stroke.

Indoor Drill - Hip Bump Drill

The Hip Bump Drill teaches you how to properly use your hips in the downswing. If you have problems starting down too early with your upper body or arms, this drill will get you activating your lower body first.

Indoor Drill - Choke Down Chipping Drill

This is a great drill for stopping the all too common wrist flip when chipping.

Indoor Drill - Putting Tile Drill

The Putting Tile Drill is a path drill that is designed to help you build consistency with your back and forward stroke. It also helps to train your eyes as to what a square face looks like throughout the stroke.

Indoor Drill - Chipping Bucket Drill

This is a great drill for learning to hit your landing spot when hitting lofted chip shots.

Indoor Drill - Sway Blocker Drill

The Sway Blocker drill is a fantastic drill for eliminating a backswing lower body sway off the ball.

Indoor Drill - Putting Penny Drill

The Putting Penny Drill is designed to help you narrow your focus on the greens and increase your putting accuracy.

Indoor Drill - Putting Box Drill

To increase your accuracy on your putts you need to shrink your target. The Putting Box Drill shows you an effective way to do just that.

Indoor Drill - Hanger Release Drill

The Hanger Release Drill is the perfect drill for testing to see if you have the proper release of your hands and arms through impact.

Indoor Drill - Putting Yardstick Drill

The Putting Yardstick Drill helps you work both on the length of your stroke as well as your path.

Indoor Drill - Tube Connection Drill

Working on keeping your arms connected throughout the swing is easy with this Tube Connection Drill. It will help you arms stay together and work as a unit throughout the swing. It will also help you keep your arms working in sync with your rotating chest and shoulders.

Indoor Drill - Book Putting Drill

The Book Putting Drill is a wonderful indoor drill for working on your path, face and centerdness of contact.

Indoor Drill - Target Pillow Chipping Drill

This is a great indoor drill that will help you learn to control the carry on your chip shots.

Indoor Drill - Posture Improvement Drill

This is an excellent drill that you can do indoors to make sure you are getting into a posture position that will lead to balance, power and flexibility.

Indoor Drill - On Plane Arm Drill

This is a great drill for making sure you get your arms on plane and that they stay connected at the top of the swing. It is especially effective for checking the position of your lead arm (target side arm).

Indoor Drill - Pre Set Impact Drill

This drill done indoors is a great drill for learning to return the club to the ball with perfect impact alignments maximizing both control and distance.

Indoor Drill - Grip Test Drill

This is a great little drill that can easily be done inside to test your critical lead hand position on the grip. This would be the left hand for right handed golfers and the right hand for left handed golfers. It is the hand that essentially controls the club face.

Indoor Drill - Coil Cranker Drill

This power drill will help you maximize your coil on your backswing to increase club head speed.

Indoor Drill - Swing Plane Point Check

This is a fantastic drill for working on your swing plane indoors. It will help you check to see if you are on plane at various key points throughout your swing.

Indoor Drill - Baseboard Drill

This drill will help you monitor your putting stroke for 2 major flaws. It will help detect both excessive head movement along with path errors.

Indoor Drill - Backswing Arc Drill

This is a great drill for learning to maintain a constant arc throughout your backswing.

Indoor Drill - Couch Takeaway Drill

This is a great drill to make sure your takeaway is on plane and that you are not laying the club off (swinging it too far behind yourself) right out of the box.

Indoor Drill - Rear Against Chair Drill

This is a great drill for eliminating too much up or down or side to side movement in your putting stroke. Excess movement makes striking the ball in the center of the face consistently a challenge.

Indoor Drill - Butt Back Drill

This is a great indoor drill that will help you maintain your posture throughout the golf swing. An improper title no doubt, but this is a drill that really works and will help you not only achieve more accuracy by keeping your swing center the same distance from the ball throughout the swing, but will also help increase distance by encouraging more rotation through impact.

Indoor Drill - Pitching Swing Plane Connect Drill

This drill helps you to sync up your arm swing with your body pivot. The result is ultimate control and accuracy while staying on plane with pitch shots into the green.

Indoor Drill - Open Face Bounce Drill

This drill trains you to master your splash away from the sand and learn how to utilize the bounce on your club to your advantage.

Indoor Drill - Putt to a Paper Cup

This is a fun little drill you can do on the go while you travel or at home to improve your accuracy with your putter.

Indoor Takeaway Drill

The Indoor Takeaway Drill teaches you how to hinge your wrists more quickly to ensure you are not laying it off on your takeaway.

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