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Indoor Drill - Couch Takeaway Drill

Description: This is a great drill to make sure your takeaway is on plane and that you are not laying the club off (swinging it too far behind yourself) right out of the box.

  1. For this drill it is best to use the back of a couch if you can. If not, the back of a chair will do. Simply set up with your rear end against the back of the couch or parallel with the chair. If using a chair, make sure that it is even with your rear end and on the non-target side of your body.
  2. Next, lay a club down that is parallel to your toe line, but again on the non-target side of your body.
  3. Practice making slow practice swings until the club on the ground lines up with the club that's even with your toe line. Your club head at this point should be even with your hands or slightly in front of them.
  4. If your club head is inside or behind your hands or hits the couch by time it is parallel to the ground, then you know you are taking the club to the inside too fast on the takeaway.
  5. Next, try a slight wrist hinge and work the club shaft up the back of the couch. Note that by time you reach the halfway point in your swing your club head will start working behind the couch at this point. This is due to the fact that if you are properly rotating your wrists and forearms your club shaft should tilt slightly backwards to remain on the same plane it was on at address. Then as you add shoulder turn, you will bring it even more inside.
  6. Remember this is a drill for your takeaway only. If you practice it repeatedly inside, it will translate to an on-plane takeaway on the course.
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