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Indoor Drill - Open Face Bounce Drill

Description: This drill trains you to master your splash away from the sand and learn how to utilize the bounce on your club to your advantage.

  1. Your sand wedge is designed specifically with sand in mind. The sand wedge traditionally has the most bounce of any club in your bag. Typically around 12 degrees. Hold your sand wedge upside down with the toe of the club facing away from your chest. See that the leading edge or front edge of the wedge actually sits lower than the back edge. The back edge is what we call bounce. This keeps you from digging too much and getting caught in the sand. It simply helps you bounce right through the sand.
  2. The first thing I want to do is to get you used to an open face. Lay the face wide open. It should feel like the entire back of the clubface is flat on the ground. When you do this you are making sure that the back edge of the club or bounce will contact the ground first. It will take some time for your eyes to adjust to this look so do this often for a couple weeks. Be sure to not grip it first and try to twist your arms to get it in position, but rather lay the face open and then grip it.
  3. After you get used to the look of the open face take a quarter and place it on face.
  4. Practice going in slow motion from your address position to a waist high finish without letting the quarter slip off the face.
  5. If you are able to keep the quarter on the face, it not only means you have great control, but it means you are using the same amount of bounce that you established at address throughout the swing. If the quarter slips off, you are changing the angle of the clubface.
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