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Indoor Drill - Swing Plane Point Check

Description: This is a fantastic drill for working on your swing plane indoors. It will help you check to see if you are on plane at various key points throughout your swing.

  1. You will need two clubs for this drill. One that you will swing and another that you need to lay down on the ground to represent your target line. Place a tee in the bottom of the grip on the club you will be swinging.
  2. Start by getting in your set up and hovering the club in your hands just above the club shaft that is laying on the ground pointed to your target.
  3. Next, take your club back until it is parallel to the ground. At this point it should also be parallel to your target line if you are remaining on plane.
  4. The next step is the second move in the backswing where you need to make sure by this point you have hinged your wrists. The tee in the butt end of your grip should point back at your target line if you are on plane.
  5. The final step in the backswing is where you reach the top and your club is parallel to the ground (for most players). At this point if you are on plane your club will also be parallel to the club on the ground representing your target line.
  6. At this point you can see the pattern here. At all major check points in your swing your club should be either pointed at your target line or parallel to it. This pattern should remain consistent during your downswing and follow through.
  7. This drill is a favorite for grooving an on-plane golf swing and with time and patience it will do the same for you. As you practice, I recommend pausing at each check point for a few seconds and holding it so the feel will become ingrained.
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