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  • Does Taking Time Off Between Sessions Set You Back?

    Does Taking Time Off Between Practice Sessions Set You Back? Do you practice enough? Is it how often you practice, the length of your practice sessions or the amount of swings that's most important? It's a good question and one that every golfer asks themselves. You may be confused as to how much practice and what kind is right for you. That's most likely because… continue reading

  • How Much Should You Practice?

    Yes, there are people with natural born talent, but there's hardly been a virtuoso in any field that didn't make practice a full time job at the very least. While someone might be gifted, to perfect their trade takes time, patience and practice. Research has shown that God given talent isn't what necessarily makes a person "great" at their trade. It's practice… continue reading

  • How to Practice Properly

    You have good intentions. You've scheduled the time, you've come up with a practice plan and you made the trip to the range. News're only about 50% of the way there. Even though your plan tells you how much and what to practice, HOW you practice can make all the difference in the world when it comes to actually seeing results. Remember..."it's quality,… continue reading

  • Indoor Practice

    Years ago when I went to work at the Michael Jordan Golf Center in Chicago I encountered indoor practice. We did have heated tees out on the range, but because it's like 20 degrees nine months out of the year even the die hard Chicago golfers need some reprieve! They had built a nice little studio with one mat, a net and some fancy cameras. I thought to myself "this will… continue reading

  • Practicing Before a Round

    If I asked you "In what ways are tour players different and better than the average player?", you would mostly likely give me answers such as: "they have a smoother tempo", "they hit the ball way further", "they are more skilled with the putter" or "everything just comes naturally to them." These are the standard answers and beliefs that most golfers have. While… continue reading

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Playing Golf
Ball Striking
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- Getting Started in Golf (75)
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Course Management
- Club Selection (66)
- Equipment (107)
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- Putting (127)
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Short Game
- Bump and Run (72)
- Chipping (82)
Ball Striking
- Chunking (79)
- Distance Control (86)
- Fat Shots (92)
- Flipping (48)
- Poor Accuracy (118)
- Slicing (48)
- Thin Shots (85)
- Topped Shots (52)
- Lack of Distance (108)
- Putting Accuracy (72)
Swing Plane
- Blocking (50)
- Inside Out (56)
- Outside In (59)
- Over the Top (49)
- Pulling (54)
- Pushing (66)
- Releasing Early (47)
The Swing
- Grip (65)
- Alignment (55)
- Balance (50)
- Ball Position (80)
- Posture (77)
- Setup (117)
Swing Plane
- Backswing (84)
- Controlling Trajectory (47)
- Divot (48)
- Downswing (67)
- Impact (103)
- On Plane (85)
- Path (84)
- Power (71)
- Shaft Plane (63)
- Swing Plane (112)
- Weight Shift (79)