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Question on Practice:

Hello Maria! I've only been golfing a few years and have been working hard to develop a consistent swing. My problem is in my quest to improve quickly I can't seem to decide on one method. I'm constantly reinventing my swing and seem to have a new "swing thought" every day. Should I just pick one thought and learn to stick with it?
--Mike O. from Poplar Branch, NC

Hi Mike. Thanks for writing

That's such a great question Mike. I have been instructing for 20 years at this point and have never ever taught a method. To me method teachers are only successful with such a small amount of students because they try to mold everyone into one swing. That's just not possible. Not only do we all have different body sizes, weights, heights, flexibility and strength, we all have different clubs and a different personality. You have to work with the whole picture.

Your clubs need to fit you. You have to be flexible enough to do certain moves and so on. To me, the golf swing is just not that complicated. What we are trying to do is pretty simple...achieve a predictable ball flight. If you know where your ball is going to go and can tell it where to go, you can shoot scratch golf. It doesn't need to be pretty or as high or as long as the next guy's shot, it just has to work for you.

You are either on plane or you're not. Your club face is either square or it's not. You are either compressing the ball or you're not. I wouldn't really be too concerned with anyone's method. Get your swing on plane, get your club face square, make sure to make a good pivot and stay balanced. If you can do that and have good fundamentals you should be well on your way to being a great player.

I hope that helps give you better direction. If you have any other questions just let me know.


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