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Question on Practice:

Hi Maria.

I think I have a lack of "muscle memory". If I hit the range 2 days in a row, my ball striking on the course the next day is pretty good, but if I skip a week then the first hour or so I'm all over the place with fat a thin shots. What does it take to get past this?
--Greg S. from San Diego, CA

Hi Greg.

Now you know why tour players practice and play every day. Ben Hogan used to say that if he skipped one day it set him back a week in his progress.

You are not alone and this is true of pretty much everybody and I even think it's more noticeable the better the player. Because I am so busy teaching I have been averaging only 6 rounds a year myself and hit very few buckets of balls. I more than understand the time constraints the average busy adult has. When I do get out to play, it usually takes me until about the 13th or 14th hole to feel like my timing is really coming together. I hit it noticeably farther on the back nine off the tee after I feel I've warmed up.

Non the less, there are definitely things we can do at home and things we can do on the range when we do have time to practice or before a round that can really help keep our swing and timing in good shape.

These articles here may help you:

Practicing Before a Round:

How to Practice Properly:

Does Taking Time Off Between Sessions Set You Back?:

Give them a read and let me know if you have any other question.



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