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Question on Practice:

When you were playing competitively in high school and college, can you give us an idea of how often you practiced and what a typical practice session included?

Thanks for writing

I was a practice addict. I believe most good young player are. Whenever possible I had a club in my hand and was at the range, putting green or on the course. You will often hear that the reason America is not putting out a ton of great players (this is very noticeable on the LPGA Tour) is that kids have so many distractions now-a-days. We didn't have cell phones to check constantly and very few homes had computers. Television was not all that kid friendly either. You had to wait for very few select times per week when age appropriate shows would be aired.

My practice sessions included a couple hours at the range, an hour on the putting green and 9-18 holes if possible. I practiced until dark almost every day. When in college, we had our schedules set up so the golf team would be out of class by noon. We would get to the course by 1:00 and stay till around 7:00. We always worked on full swing, short game and course management.

If you are going to be competitive there is no other way around it. You have to be a die hard and put in the time. Tiger is a great example because not only is he one of the most talented players in history, he also is one that practiced the most and is very disciplined. You can go it on talent alone. There is just too much competition out there.

Hope that helps!


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