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Question on Practice:

What are the pro's and con's for practicing off of grass vs. mats? Thanks!
--Andy H. from Whittier, CA

Hi Andy. Thanks for the question.

Here are the Pros and Cons of hitting offof mats vs. grass:

Grass Pros:

- It's more realistic. It's what you get on the course.
- It's more forgiving on your body. There is less shock than hitting off of mats that are on top of concrete.
- It gives better feedback. You know for sure if you are hitting it fat or thin.

Grass Cons:

- The lie is different each time making it more challenging to build a repeatable situation/swing
- It doesn't lie. This is a pro and a con. The con is less mental positive feedback when you are hitting the ball fat which can be discouraging and distracting when you should be more worried about accomplishing your swing change than ball flight at that moment.

Mat Pros:

- They are more forgiving which gives you more positive mental feedback and keeps you encouraged when you are going through swing changes.
- You get the same lie every time so you can build a repeatable stance/swing.

Mat Cons:

- Less feedback. If you aren't paying close attention you can hit shots fat and not make corrections. You should however be able to both hear and feel this so it shouldn't affect your learning process if you are in fact paying attention.
- Harder on your joints and body in general. Many a golf student has developed tendonitis after repeated mat use. This is common if your form is not correct. If you have bad form or are going to hit down hard behind the ball, your body is going to feel the impact from the concrete even with the best mats on the market.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.


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