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Question on Practice:

What should I do during the winter to keep my game strong?
--Mike K. from Sidney, OH

Hi Mike.

You can work on just about everything in your game indoors with the exception of a few things like speed control on the greens and your splash in the sand. As long as you have space where you can swing without damaging your house and roll putts, you don't even really need to go outside. Keep in mind when you are changing your swing technique at first the ball is insignificant. You need to be focused on your technique and your moves, not on what the ball is doing. After time, yes, we need to make sure you are getting the ball flight you desire, but at first, you can just make practice swings to make big changes in your game.

With the use of videos and mirrors, you can constantly monitor your swing and the changes and also learn a lot about your move. All you need is cheap closet mirror and a smart phone or Ipad with a free golf instruction app to help reach your goals.

If you live in an area that doesn't have a golf dome for winter use, check to see if there are covered ranges or indoor hitting bays. I am fortunate to have access to both of those. Outdoor covered ranges with heaters can be great for anything above freezing. If it's just too cold to be outside you can often find a facility such as a gym that will have an indoor hitting bay with a net for rent.

Please take the time to view our Practice and Indoor Practice sections as there are many good articles with tips on how to practice properly and our Indoor Practice section has about 30 indoor drills. You can see those here:


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