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Grip Quarter Drill

Description: The Quarter Drill for grip helps you to keep your hands connected and working as one throughout the swing. It will also help prevent early acceleration of your hands and loss of control of the clubface.

  1. When your rear palm (right hand for right handed players) comes off the club at the top of the backswing you can lose control of the swing as you are forced to reconnect them on the way down. When this happens your hand can easily change positions and cause the clubface to come back opened or closed. Also, as you reconnect your hands you will often accelerate too early and run out of gas by time you get back to the ball.
  2. Take note that often this is a flexibility issue. If a person is barrel chested, built broad or has limited flexibility in their back, shoulders or arms, making a full backswing can be a challenge. As a result, they will often let go of the golf club with their rear hand in an attempt to get the club to a full backswing position.
  3. To keep your hands connected take a quarter and place it on the thumb of your lead hand (left hand for right handed players). Next place the palm of your rear hand on top of it connecting the hands.
  4. As you swing simply maintain the pressure of the connection between your hands holding the quarter in place. If it falls out you will know that your hands disconnected from each other.
  5. If you are having big problems with the quarter dropping look into areas where you may lack flexibility and establish some daily exercises to increase flexibility. In some cases if this is not possible, you are better off with a shorter swing where you maintain a good grip and good overall form rather than trying to force the club to parallel to the ground at the top. Remember, what is considered a full swing is different for everyone and every body type.
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