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Pre-Swing Fundamental Lessons

  • Alignment

    Have you ever been more frustrated than when you thought you pured a golf shot and it ended up missing your target by 20 yards? In most cases, you realize that you were miss-aligned. However, it is common for one to misinterpret that result as a swing error rather than faulty alignment. If I had to come up with a perfect guess I would say 8 out of every 10 students that… continue reading

  • Alignment: Aligning Yourself On The Course

    Alignment is funny. It seems like it should be something so simple and so easy to do correctly even for a rank beginner. Yet the best players in the game struggle with it constantly. Possibly because they are more aware of… continue reading

  • Alignment: Dial In On Your Target

    Alignment is every golf teacher's meal ticket. It may truly be the most common error that keeps us in business. One can have the world's most perfect golf swing, but if they are mis-aligned the swing will surely start to… continue reading

  • Ball Position

    The lessons on ball position have changed over the years. This is largely due to changes in equipment and in swing styles. Just as shafts and heads react differently than they used to, the modern golf swing approaches the ball in a different way. Think about the old classic pictures of golfers in knickers, overswinging with wooden shafts. Obviously that angle… continue reading

  • Ball Position: Ball Placement

    Teachings on ball position have somewhat changed over the years. They have gone from a "move the ball progressively forward in your stance with each club" idea to a more simple "play all your irons in one position" idea.… continue reading

  • Do This, Don't do That - Aim Your Clubface or Body First?

    When setting up in your golf stance hit your shot, should you aim your club face or your body first? In this Do This, Don't do That video, Maria explains the importance of setting up and aiming your club face first, to ensure that the rest of your body is in alignment with the club face on the path… continue reading

  • Grip

    In an era where the big buzzword seems to be "connected", it's interesting how few golfers actually are. I don't mean on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, I mean to their golf club. Rarely does a student come to the lesson tee where I don't have to make some sort of adjustment to his or her grip. It is, in my opinion, the most difficult thing to get a golfer to change and to… continue reading

  • Grip: Get A Hold On Your Game

    Every golf instructor in the world has professed the importance of the grip by saying virtually the same thing. You've heard it so many times. "Your only connection with the club is your hands." Without a proper grip there are so many good things you won't be able to do in your swing and so many bad things that will unwittingly show up. A good grip creates energy, force,… continue reading

  • Posture

    Establishing good posture and maintaining it throughout the swing is the key to golfing success on so many levels. Among other things, posture affects your: consistency, balance, swing plane and club head speed. I've seen countless numbers of students with their swing center moving all over the place, their head bobbing up and down and struggling to simply… continue reading

  • Posture: Establishing Good Posture is One Thing, Maintaining it is Another

    Correct Posture is One of the Blueprints for Building an Exceptional Swing As I stated in the main category article on posture, it is your swing's ever important foundation. Everything in your swing is essentially built around and reacts to the posture you establish at address. Too many people over look this as they rush into making the perfect swing. A solid swing… continue reading

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