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Question on Pre-Swing Fundamentals:

I cannot control my distance. I need help positioning the ball. I seem to have very inconsistent ball striking.
--Bennie W. from Ochelata, OK

Hi Bennie. Thanks for writing

Ball position is critical for distance control because if you are inconsistent with it you will trap the ball at a different part in your arc on every swing. For that reason I teach what many of the tour players do with ball position. Play 3 main positions.

1) Play your driver at your left instep or left armpit.
2) Play your irons all one ball left of the center of your stance.
3) Play your fairway woods 2 balls left of the center of your stance
The driver should then be about 3 balls left of center.

This way you have 3 consistent ball positions to work with every day you practice. Would you ever play a ball back of center? Sure if you are trying to hit it lower for some reason, or want more roll or possibly to get a few more yards out of a wedge or something. Each club has a specific amount of loft built into it for a reason. Therefore, we want to use the loft in the design and hit the ball with irons right as our swing is hitting the bottom of the arc which is just forward of center if you have a good weight shift. If you play the ball back of center you will be hitting it too much on the down arc, de-lofting the face and not playing the loft that was designed into the club.

Bennie, I hope this helps. Try if for a few weeks and see if you don't gain consistency with your distance. If your ball position is consistent and you are still having problems with distance control then it may be a swing flaw that we will have to dissect.



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