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Question on Pre-Swing Fundamentals:

I need to improve my aim.
--M Rodney H. from Westminster, SC

Hi Rodney. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to helping you improve your game.

The best thing to do to improve your aim is to obviously practice it on the practice tee. All too often we dump out a bucket of balls and start whacking away at the same target. It's important to occasionally adjust and aim to different targets because on the course you certainly aren't trying to fire 100 shots at the same pin. It's all about making your practice time a little bit more realistic.

Another great tip for practice is to play a round of golf on the range. Imagine your favorite course and tee off on number 1 with your driver, hit your second shot and so on all the way through a putt. This again makes practice more realistic, but also more interesting. Be sure to back away from the ball and go through your entire pre shot routine on each shot.

When practicing and hitting repeatedly to the same target be sure to put alignment sticks down on the ground. Your eyes are like any other muscle that you need to get in shape and get trained. If you are aimed left of your target for an hour hitting balls on the range and you don't know it, your eyes will start to see that as square and that's how they will aim you on the course.

These articles here may be a big help and I think you'll find them a great resource:

Alignment: Dial In On Your Target:

Alignment: Aligning Yourself On The Course:

I hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions.


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