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  • Approaching a Severely Breaking Short Putt

    Tricky Short Putts Challenge Even the Best When I sit back and think of articles to write that would help golfers in our community I often look to the questions submitted by users. By far, one of the… continue reading

  • Arc Stroke vs Straight Line Stroke

    It might be the biggest debate on technique. It is for sure the biggest debate in the short game. Is the arc stroke or the straight line stroke the better way to putt? This debate has been very heated over the last 10 years,… continue reading

  • Creating True Roll On Your Putts

    In the "olden days" - as recently as 5 or 6 years ago - it was thought that putters should have 4 degrees of loft to create the proper roll and topspin on greens. Now we know exactly what causes a putt to initially roll with topspin and to launch correctly at impact - and we know that a 4 degree putter loft is no longer the best for every golfer. There are two things you need… continue reading

  • Dealing With Downhill Putts

    The Dreaded Downhill The dreaded downhill putt. Is it going to turn into the slippery snake (3 putt)? Will you get lucky and drain it on your first attempt? You probably fear downhill putts much more than uphill and for good… continue reading

  • Develop a Solid Pre Round Putting Routine

    Whether you have played the game for a lifetime or are a newbie this year you have probably already figured how how important your pre round warm up and routine is to your score. A lot of my students admit now, that they don't… continue reading

  • Gripping the Putter

    No matter how much people may like to debate about the grip, there is no one correct putting grip in the game of golf. There are however characteristics that are preferred. It can be really confusing, especially for a beginning… continue reading

  • Intentionally Hitting Putts on the Toe or Heel

    Everyone's a Pro As I'm sure you know by know if you've been playing the game for any reasonable amount of time, everybody's a "pro." The advice that is spewed out on golf courses around the world is endless and well, mostly… continue reading

  • Putting Posture and Ball Position

    Unlike the belief of many, I believe putting posture is just as important as posture for a full shot. Most people know that when it comes to the full swing, posture influences your direction and your power. While power is… continue reading

  • Reading a Double Break

    What Defines Good? While the average golfer will tell you their putting is "good" and that they don't need to work on it much because it's their long game they are worried about, their definition of "good" is pretty skewed.… continue reading

  • Reading Greens and Your Pre Putt Routine

    What's More Important? A Good Read or Good Stroke? As I'm sure you already know, getting a good read on a putt is as important if not more so than making a good stroke. Millions of putts are missed each day across the world due… continue reading

  • Relieving Tension When Putting

    Years ago when I was training to become a GolfPsych Certified Instructor they introduced a brand new tool called a tension meter. It was a watch that you wore that measured the your level of tension throughout your round.… continue reading

  • Short Putts

    Want to see a grown man cry? Watch some of them miss 3 footers. Is there anything more aggravating in golf than playing a hole beautifully, just according to plan, and then missing the most simple shot of all. Or is it simple?… continue reading

  • Should You Putt or Chip From the Fringe?

    Not a Decision to Take Lightly Making the decision to putt or chip from the fringe is not as easy as it may sound. I'm sure you've heard the age old advice of "always putt it when you can". While that's great advice a lot of players… continue reading

  • Speed Control on the Greens

    It goes without saying that speed control on the greens is not at the forefront of the average amateur's worries. The majority of putting lessons I give are at the request to "make more putts" or "develop a better putting stroke" but not to "have better distance control." During lessons, 9 out of 10 students will comment on their putts by saying things like "oh, I… continue reading

  • To Lag or To Go For It

    You're faced with a 50 footer and have to get down in two to win the club championship. What thoughts are going through your mind? Do you lag it and try to leave it a bit short? Do you run it past a bit to make sure you at least give it a chance? Are you actually thinking about making it or leaving it within a 3 foot circle? There are seriously a lot of important decisions to… continue reading

  • Various Ways to Grip the Putter

    There Are Limited Variations With a Full Swing Grip When you grip the club to make a full swing the only variation is what you do with your pinky finger of your rear hand (right hand for right handed players). You can put it… continue reading

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