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Question on Putting:

I do not have much feel on long putts of 40 ft or more. I used to be a scratch golfer, but since my putting went bad, I have been a 3-5 hcp for the past 6 years. How do I develop feel?
--Mark J. from Carlsbad, CA

Hi Mark. Thanks for writing

The first thing I want to know is if you have had your putter custom fit. Making sure that your putter design matches the type of stroke you make and is the best putter for your feel, aim, path and ability to have centered strikes is crucial.

If the putter is a good fit and you are a good player then it makes sense to explore some things/drills that could help you with your touch.

First of all I'd like to recommend Putting Perfection our putting DVD that can be ordered right here on the site. It covers all the information you would get if you signed up for a handful of private putting lessons. It obviously has my opinions on what matters in putting, but it also includes a PGA tour veteran's - Jay Delsing. We cover reading greens, speed, aim, etc., all things that can affect your distance control.

In the mean time try out these few drills to see if they make a difference and improve control.

The Hovering Spaceship Drill
The Metronome Drill
Putt to the Fringe Drill
The Flagstick Drill

All drills can be found here:

Mark, let me know if your putter has been properly fit. Also, try these drills for a few weeks. Give them time to really help and then please report back and let me know how it goes.


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