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Question on Putting:

I have had lasik surgery and I now have mono vision. I started playing golf after I had the surgery and people tell me that I could improve my golf game if I would get binacular vision. I can hit the ball fine but I'm not sure if mono vision confuses your ability to read the greens. Any advice?
--Jaki B. from Arvada, CO

Hi Jaki.

Thanks for writing in to

This is probably a question more for your eye doctor, but what I can tell you is my students that have mono vision seem to like it a lot better than having bifocals or progressive lenses. I think that is because with those you have to learn to adjust and it can alter your head position, while if you have mono vision contact lenses you just use one eye or the other.

I was always told that your brain adjusts to what it sees and if you have to use one eye for further out and the other for in close it eventually becomes automatic.

Again, I'm not an eye doctor and don't know for sure, so I would ask your doctor.

When considering reading greens it's possible that you need to use both eyes. You would use distance when you are out in the fairway approaching the green and use the closer one when you are around the hole so I could see how you would be concerned about being confused.

Note that the biggest part of reading greens is reading the overall surroundings as you approach the green and taking a walk around the cup to read as you walk. So your reading process and the information you gather is not from standing still behind your putt. That is only the finishing touch. So as long as you can see the green and surrounding areas as you approach the green and can see the ground as you walk around the cup, I think you'll do just fine.


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