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Question on Putting:

Hi Maria
I have bad knees and can't get low enough to use a line on my ball to get the right ball direction. What other ways would you suggest I could use to line up my puts? Thank you.
--Ron J. from Clatskanie, OR

Hi Ron,

Thanks for writing Sorry to hear about your knees, but I understand it can be difficult for a lot of players to get down low into a squat to line up their putts.

A great tip is to pick a spot on the green in line with your target (not the hole necessarily, but where you want to start the ball) just a few inches in front of your ball and aim to that. You might find an old ball mark or blade of grass. Anything that stands out and gives you something to aim at will work. This way, you stand behind your ball, pick your line and then just pick your spot.

You can avoid having to get down low to line up the ball. Keep in mind not all good players or professionals line up their ball when they putt. I do recommend it, but if you can't, you certainly now have a way around it.

Since more than 50% of good putting lies in a good pre shot routine and the ability to get a good read on the green, check out this article here as it should give you few good ideas on how to improve yours:

Develop a Solid Pre Round Putting Routine:

Also in our putting video Putting Principles PGA Tour veteran Jay Delsing and I both share our ideas on reading greens and lining up putts so you might want to give that a try as well.

I hope that helps and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


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