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Question on Putting:


I have a problem with coming up short on longer distance putts. My face has a habit of opening and I either push the putt with no power or a pull it left.

My grip seems okay with both thumbs pointing down the shaft but when I hit the ball the blade seems to fly open.

Your help is appreciated.
--Troy V. from Arizona City, AZ

Hi Troy.

It definitely sounds like you are making contact on the toe of the putter. If it is flying open as you say, that is really the only the cause. The fact that you push balls to the right or pull them to the left is also an indication of a toe hit. If you are swinging on a straight path or one to the right and toe it, the ball will go right. If however you are pulling across the target line you will contact it on the toe and it can pull left, but most will see the ball also curve back to the right. So it's basically a cut shot.

I think we need to have you focus on 2 things. First and most important would be hitting it in the center of the face. Second, I would have you check your path to see if you are in fact pulling across the target line through impact.

Try this drill to work on hitting it in the center:
Putt the Portal Drill

And try these to work on your path:
Prevent the Cut Drill

Track It Drill

String Drill

Give them a try Troy and see if they help and if you can pinpoint your problem. I'm confident after working with them, you will be able to make a correction.


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