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Question on Putting:

Whenever I putt I have the tedency to move the putter with my hands and as a result the ball goes either left or right. Can you give me some suggestions?
--Anthony M. from Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Anthony.

Thanks for writing in to

Excessive hand action in the putting stroke is never recommended as it is very hard for timing. All the little muscles of the forearms, wrists and hands can make controlling your putts a big problem if they get too involved. Rather, we want to use the larger muscles of the body to control the stroke for consistency.

There are a number of drills you can do to feel the large muscles of the body working in the stroke. One of my favorites is the Stick Drill which you can find right here on the site under Putting in the Instruction category.

You may also try to put a yardstick or plane pole under your front arm pit with the other end attached to the grip of your putter. Try keeping the top end of the pole pointed away from you meaning you are being dead handed. If it hits you in your side or rib cage, then you know you are being too handsy.

Try also to hold your finish and make sure the back of your front hand is facing the target and the palm of your rear hand is also facing the target. If this is the case, then your hands are remaining pretty quiet through the stroke.

Give these 3 suggestions a try and if they don't give you a better feel for using the big muscles write us back and I'll give you some more suggestions.

I always recommend you start putting your scores in the free Game Tracker and enter your practice sessions in the Practice Planner so we can help you reach your goals.

Thanks for writing in and let me know how it goes.


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