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Question on Putting:

In putting, I can't keep my left wrist from breaking down. I also have a very difficult time swinging the putter back comfortably very far. How do I fix these?
--Gary T. from Woodland, CA

Hi Gary. Thanks for joining

It sounds like your putting style must be pretty handsy. You say you have trouble with your left wrist breaking down which indicates a lot of overuse. Also, the fact that you have trouble swinging the putter back far comfortably could be an indication that the large muscles of your back, shoulders and obliques are not in control.

There are quite a few drills for using less hands in the putting stroke, but I'd like you to work on the length of your stroke and tempo first.

The Yardstick Drill seen here:
Yardstick Drill

combined with the metronome drill here:

Using a Metronome Drill

can help you work on the length of your putting stroke while building a consistent tempo at the same time. Both of these drills build awareness. Awareness of the length you are actually swinging the putter back and through and awareness of whether or not you maintain a consistent tempo throughout your stroke.

After getting accustomed to that I suggest you try the Stick Drill where you place a stick under your front armpit and alongside the grip on your putter (target side). Grip the stick and the putter at the same time. You will notice that if you try to flip your wrists you can't as they have no place to go. If you try to flip the stick will just hit the side of your rib cage.

I hope these drills help. Please give them a try and let me know how it goes. To help us help you better please start entering your scores in the free Game Tracker and enter your practice sessions in the free Practice Planner.


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