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Question on Putting:

I usually make all my short putts ( 5 feet and in), but all my longer putts are always short!
--Don T. from Pompano Beach, FL

Hi Don. Thanks for writing

Before I offer some advice I just wanted to let you know that as a Pro Student you could send in your swing or putting stroke for a more accurate analysis.

When it comes to distance control with putting there are many factors at play. Let's explore some of these and talk about a few drills you may try to improve your touch.

The first thing I'd like to mention is proper putter fitting. The putter is most commonly the worst fit club in the bag. Changing things up with the putter can affect distance, aim, touch, etc.. To give you an example if you give someone a heavy putter one might think that they would ram the ball way past the hole. The opposite is true however as the weight makes them make a slower and more smooth stroke. So in your case, who knows, the opposite may be true. My point is that if it has been a long term struggle either get fit or try to experiment with other putters to see what works best for you.

Another area to explore is your pre-shot routine and practice stroke. Do you think this might be an issue with reading the green correctly? Often times players think they come up short when because the just didn't hit it hard enough when it was actually just a bad read. In our video which you can order here on the site...Putting Perfection...PGA Tour Veteran Jay Delsing and I cover ever aspect of putting going over the 5 principles including reading the green and speed. Picking up a copy might be worth your while.

When it comes to pre-shot routine is your practice stroke a real rehearsal for your actual stroke? What I mean by that is it's not uncommon to witness my students making a little baby practice stroke for a 50 foot putt and vice verse. Make sure that your rehearsal is exactly the stroke and effort you think you want to put on the putt.

Another factor is centerdness of hit. If you aren't consistently hitting the sweet spot, your distance will be very inconsistent. Toe hits are particularly weak and come up short and will miss on the right side (for a right hander).

What I'd like to do is have you work on the following drills for a few weeks and see if your putting doesn't improve:

1) The Stick Drill - this will help you find out if the source of your inconsistency is too much hands in your stroke.

2) Metronome Drill - this will help you to test your tempo and make sure that it is consistent and not the cause of your distance issues.

3) Putt the Portal Drill - this will help you learn to contact the sweet spot consistently

4) Hovering Spaceship Drill - this is a great drill for getting your lag putts close to the hole.

All the drills can be found here:

Best of luck and let me know how it goes. Don't forget to fill out the rest of your profile and start entering scores in the Game Tracker so I can more accurately help you.


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