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Question on Putting:

What are the techniques of putting. What are the fundamentals? What should you work on first - driving or your short game?
--Ferdie F. from Visalia, CA

Hi Ferdie,

Thanks for submitting your questions. Since there are a few of them I will answer individually.

You asked about techniques for putting. I'm not quite sure what you are asking here, but there are generally two types of strokes. There are those that move the putter on a straight line and those that move the putter on an arc. Which one you should use depends on a number of things including which feels most natural to you, which stroke looks more natural to your eyes, how you read putts and which stroke your putter is designed to perform.

Your second question was about fundamentals. Again, I'm not exactly sure by your question if you were referring to putting or the full swing, but when instructors talk about fundamentals they are most often referring to pre-swing fundamentals. These would include grip, stance, posture, alignment and ball positions. They are the blueprints so to speak of your swing. Your fundamentals need to be solid and consistent in order for your swing to be solid and consistent.

Your third question of what should you work on first driving or short game is an interesting question. If you are a total beginner I would definitely recommend working from the ground up meaning from the smallest stroke (putting) to the longest stroke (driving). This is hard to do as most want to go out, swing hard and see the ball fly far. It's easiest though if you learn the proper technique on a shorter swing to build a really good golf swing. If you are a person who has played the game for a while then you need to target what you work on first with where your weakest points are.

Thanks for your questions. Hope this helps and for more help on putting or short game be sure to check out those instruction sections on the site. There is a ton of helpful information!


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