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  • Clubbing Correctly With Wind

    Wind can be a tremendous challenge for a lot of players. In fact, I have known several golfers who flat out won't tee it up on a windy day. Curtis Strange was known to withdraw from tournaments due to excessive wind sighting… continue reading

  • Controlling Trajectory

    When thinking about the importance of a golfer being able to control trajectory, I keep hearing the words of the great Moe Norman spoken to me many years ago. It was the 1993 World Cup at Lake Nona in Orlando. I had stopped by to watch some of the event and happened by the driving range. There Moe Norman was hitting ball after ball with barely a pause in between. I had heard… continue reading

  • Controlling Trajectory: Getting Loft

    Some of golf's greats, including the late Moe Norman, tout playing golf up or down rather than sideways. Simply put, they advocate playing shots straight for the most part rather than spinning them side to side. To get… continue reading

  • Controlling Trajectory: How Low Can You Go?

    How low can you hit the ball? Most golfers never try to hit the ball low in practice. Then when they suddenly find themselves under a tree or hitting into a gale force wind they give it a try, but usually to no avail. Their planned… continue reading

  • Hitting From Under a Tree

    Know When to Fold Em So you've smoked it off the tee, but you're in the furniture. Hearing a lot of lumber as your ball bounces around like it's in a pinball machine you now regret trying to kill it off the tee. Instead of looking… continue reading

  • Hitting Off a Cart Path

    Is Taking a Drop the Smart Play? Think hitting off of a cart path is only for the pros? You might not want to answer that too fast. While many golfers think advising someone to hit a ball off of the path without taking a drop is… continue reading

  • Hitting Out of a Divot

    When the majority of players struggle to take a divot in the first place, trying to hit out of one can be an even bigger headache. A divot is a shallow, dollar bill sized tuft of grass that is taken out of the ground by a player's… continue reading

  • Hitting Out of Deep Rough

    Unpredictable Lies What's worse hitting a great shot and having it roll just enough off the fairway to land in deep rough or barely missing a green and ending up in the bunker? Either way it's a real bummer when a well struck,… continue reading

  • Hitting Over a Tree

    The Million Dollar Shot You love to see Phil Mickelson hit that million dollar flop shot don't you? While many of the shots Phil hits are heroic a lot of them are definitely too risky and not recommended for the average player.… continue reading

  • How to Hit a Knock Down

    Swing Easy When it's Breezy Knock down or punch shot? What's the difference? A lot actually. These two shots are often confused by golfers across the globe. It wasn't until I was in college that I truly understood the difference.… continue reading

  • Uneven Lies

    Growing up in the Midwest near the foothills of the Ozark Mountains proved to be an education in golf that many don't get to experience. Walking the hilly, tight, tree lined golf courses was not only a great strengthening program it was also a lesson in adaptability. I left the Midwest eventually to attend college in the South. Although our home course was hilly… continue reading

  • Uneven Lies: Hitting a Ball Above Your Feet

    Ever been told that the golf swing is similar to a baseball swing? When you catch a lie with the ball above your feet, you will feel that baseball swing more than ever! Growing up on a hilly course when I was a junior, we played… continue reading

  • Uneven Lies: Hitting a Ball Below Your Feet

    Some will say that a ball below your feet is by far the toughest shot in golf. Add to that when the ball is in a bunker and your feet are outside and I would have to agree whole-heartedly. Playing it from below your feet is a challenge… continue reading

  • Uneven Lies: Hitting From a Downhill Lie

    Regardless of where you play, you will get some uneven lies from time to time. If you play in mountainous regions, chances are a flat lie is a rare occurrence! On the other hand, if you happen to have a home course that is flat,… continue reading

  • Uneven Lies: Hitting From an Uphill Lie

    Growing up in the Midwest at the foothills of the Ozarks makes you a master of the uneven lie. Whether the ball is above your feet, below your feet, uphill or downhill, you have to be accustomed to making the adjustments necessary… continue reading

  • Working the Ball

    When you hang around good players, you learn quickly that the majority of them work or shape the ball on nearly every shot. Not all good players do this, but I've found that the vast majority do. It's easy to become target oriented rather than ball flight oriented. Less skilled players look at the flag and just try to hit the ball straight. The irony is that straight… continue reading

  • Working the Ball: Drawing the Ball

    Most golfers think of a draw as the ideal ball flight. They also think of a hook as the most dreaded ball flight. Think of a draw as a slight curve whereas a hook is much more dramatic. Whether they are a good thing or a bad thing… continue reading

  • Working the Ball: Hitting a Fade/Slice

    As you may well know up to 85% of all golfers slice the ball. It must be easy to do, right? The answer is yes, it is, but fading or slicing the ball on call and with control can be a challenge. Think of a fade as a small curve whereas… continue reading

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