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Question on Shot Making:

Can you give me a technique tip on how to get the ball out of thick rough? Typically I'm short of target.
--Emery C. from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Hi Emery. Thanks for writing I'm excited to get to help you with your game.

The most important thing in my opinion about hitting out of deep rough is knowing what club to pick. You have to be able to assess the lie and the depth of the ball position to adequately pick the correct club that can get you out. Often times this means knowing when to suck it up and sacrifice distance so that you can get the ball out of the deep rough and back into play. Here are the steps you should take:

1) Be sure to pick a club with enough loft to get you out if the grass is really long. The flip side of that is if your lie is not too bad, you may need to go up one club which means less loft to get the distance you will need to get to the green. This is due to the fact that your club head speed will be slowed by the grass grabbing it as it passes through.

2) Next, make sure to pick a good target to aim for like a clearly open spot in the fairway if you don't think you can make it to the green.

3) Make an effort to make more of a steep swing. This means picking your arms up a bit rather than just turning with your shoulders. You need a steeper angle of attack to cut down into the ball through the long blades of grass. Keeping your weight more over your front foot throughout the swing will help you accomplish this as well.

4) Grip the club a bit tighter. The grass will try to grab your club head and spin it in your hands. Make sure to hold on firm and keep accelerating through the shot. Some players start with a slightly open clubface to plan on the face being pulled shut a bit by the grass. I have personally had some success with this so you might give it a try.

I hope that helps and let me know if you have any more questions.


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