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Finish is the completion of the golf swing. It is the position when the club has stopped moving. Upon finish the player should have transferred 100% of their weight to the outside of their front foot and turned their shoulders through to the max. Unless flexibility is a huge issue, the golf club should end up behind a player's ears and their rear shoulder should face the target. Achieving a good, full, balanced finish is an important key for power and accuracy.

Finish Drills

Finish Tips

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  • Finish High to Prevent Decelerating

    If you find that you tend to decelerate on pitches into the green try finishing high. If you make it a goal to get your hands as high as your head and the butt end of the grip pointed towards the target you leave yourself with a destination that you can accelerate towards. Quitting on the swing is a definite problem for many when they try to shorten their swing, but if you coach yourself to accelerate to a finish rather than just to the ball you will create speed through the shot.

  • Finish With Front Wrist Flat

    When hitting greenside chip shots finish with the back of your front wrist flat and your back wrist still bent. This will help you prevent a flip or early release of the clubhead. When your front wrist cups through impact the result is often weak scoopy shots. Flipping the wrists can also result in fat and thin shots as your clubhead will reach the bottom of it's arc too soon.

  • Don't Stop Your Follow Through

    When working on putting length, let your follow through be a bit longer than your back swing. This will keep you from decelerating or quitting on the putts resulting in putts that are left short of the hole. It will also prevent you from the opposite. Stopping too short on the follow through can be a result of getting too choppy or handsy (not letting your shoulders and big muscles control the stroke). This can cause the club head to over accelerate sending the ball too far.

  • Finish Affects Trajectory

    Your finish can affect your trajectory. If you are looking to vary the height of your golf ball into the greens, altering your finish position is one easy way to get there. A low finish would produce more of a lower flight as you de loft the face a bit through impact by keeping your hands ahead of the club head. A medium finish (waist high) will allow the club head to catch up enough to add a nice amount of loft on the face and get you a good medium trajectory. A high finish allows you to add even more loft and throw the ball high into the air.

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