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Hitting a Fade

Hitting a Fade refers to the steps one takes to execute a fade. A fade is a shot that works from left to right for a right handed player. A fade is a softer shot than its counterpart, a draw, and is useful for hitting balls softly into the green because it has a significant amount of backspin. A fade can also be used to get out of trouble and simply shape a shot around the curve of a dogleg.

Hitting a Fade Drills

Hitting a Fade Tips

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  • Learn to Work the Ball

    During each practice session spend a little time working the ball. Most golfers feel they can't curve the ball left or right, but this is mostly because they have never tried it. Working the ball is easy with just a few adjustments to your set up. Like anything else though, be sure to spend time playing around with it on the practice range so that you will actually have the confidence to try it on the course. I recommend that my students end their practice sessions having some fun working the ball left, right, high and low to let their creative juices flow.

  • To Fade the Ball Set the Face Open

    Get used to seeing the face open at set up when you are trying to fade/slice. This is perhaps the most awkward part of trying to work the golf ball. Looking down and seeing a club face open or closed can really throw you off. Accept that it is correct and stay focused on your swing path which should be along the line to which your body is aligned. Remember to always open the face first and then take your grip; not the other way around.

  • Swing Where Your Body is Aimed

    Make sure when trying to fade or slice intentionally that you swing along the line to which your body is aiming. Your body should be aimed where you want the ball to start and your clubface should be aimed where you want the ball to end up. It's easy to get caught in the habit of swinging to your target, but when you are working the ball and trying to spin it it's important to remember to swing to the line where you want the ball to start.

  • A Forward Ball Position Promotes a Fade

    The farther forward you play the ball in your stance, the more you will tend to fade or slice the ball. This is because by time you get to the ball, you are already on the forward side of the arc and swinging inward. This puts cut spin (left to right spin) on the ball. This combined with an open or square clubface will give you a fade or a slice. If you happen to close the face through impact, the shot will be pulled and stay left.

  • Always Aim Your Face Where You Want the Ball to End Up

    When trying to work the ball, always aim your club face where you want your ball to end up and your body where you want the ball to start. It's important to stay focused on where your body is aligned and swing along this line through impact. Your club path will get the ball started on the correct line and then the face angle will work it back to your target.

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