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Hybrids are a blend of the characteristics of irons and fairway woods. They are designed to replace and be easier to hit than long irons. Typically a player would start to replace their irons with hybrids at a 4 iron, although some sets start even before that. Hybrids have shorter shafts, plenty of loft and harder faces like irons, but they have the center of gravity at the back and bottom like a fairway wood which makes it easier to get the ball up. The flat sole prevents dig which helps prevent fat shots. These characteristics combined make them very easy to hit.

Hybrids Tips

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  • Hybrids Have Many Uses

    Hybrids are very versatile clubs. We use them from the fairway, the tee and from the rough, but we can also use them to hit chip shots around the green. In fact, I find hybrids are some of the easiest clubs to chip with. The wide sole helps prevent digging so if you are a player that sometimes chunks your chip shots, this is the club for you. Simply treat them like you would any other club when hitting a bump and run, but be careful not to add too much forward press and de loft the face. Make a nice pendulum back and through and let the wide sole and lower center of gravity pop the ball up nice and easy.

  • Switch to Hybrids

    If you haven't already, you should switch your 3 and 4 irons out for a 3 and 4 hybrid. Some players even do well staring with a 5 hybrid. They are much easier to hit and more reliable. They are also more versatile allowing you to hit out of the rough easier than with an iron in most cases. The wide sole and lower center of gravity provide a lot of forgiveness on miss hits that you won't get with your long irons. If you are a player that hits behind the ball and sees a lot of inconsistency with long irons, make sure you give hybrids a try.

  • Position Hybrids Like an Iron

    When setting up to hit a hybrid, you can pretty much play them in the same position as you would an iron. I recommend for most of my students that they play the ball in the middle or one ball forward of middle of their stance with their irons. I think one ball forward of middle works very well for hybrids as you want to make sure you can still hit down on them. Playing them too far forward will make you catch them too much on the up swing.

  • Hit Hybrids Like Fairway Woods From the Tee

    When teeing off with a hybrid I recommend swinging it like a fairway wood. Keep in mind we still hit down on fairway woods, just not as much as we do with an iron. When hitting a hybrid off the ground however, I recommend swinging it like an iron. This means that off the tee you are a little big more level and very smooth. Off the fairway however, you can be a bit more aggressive with a downward strike and try taking a little divot.

  • Tee Up Low With Hybrids

    When teeing off with a hybrid set the ball on the tee so that only 1/4 of the ball lies above the top edge of the club. Hybrids have a low center of gravity so this would be the maximum height I would recommend that you tee the ball. Teeing it too high will cause you to scoop that ball as it will just roll up the clubface. Many players do well teeing up just a tiny bit.

  • Hybrids are Easier Than Fairway Woods From the Rough

    When your ball is in the rough a hybrid can be much easier to hit than a fairway wood. Because they have a bit more loft and a more narrow head with weighting at the bottom, they help to cut through the grass whereas a fairway wood can drag and get caught in the grass easier. To play it out of the rough set up similar to how you would if you were hitting an iron out of the rough. Make sure to have a steep angle of attack and a little bit of a more firm pressure with your grip so your hands don't slip if the grass grabs your club.

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