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Indoor Practice

Indoor Practice is practice done inside away from the driving range or golf course. Many drills can be performed indoors to work on every part of the game from full swing to putting. While a ball is sometimes needed to perform indoor drills most of the time it isn't and all is needed is a golf club with ample space to swing. From an instructor's perspective, indoor drills are extremely important because a golfer will have more body awareness when they can't see the result and don't have to worry about score like when on the course.

Indoor Practice Drills

Indoor Practice Tips

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  • Maintain Posture When Checking Swing

    To check the position of the top of your practice swing use a mirror. If you don't have a mirror available simply rotate your head to peek, but be careful not to stand up and change your posture. When you raise up and change your posture the position of your arms, plane and clubface will change so you will not get an accurate picture of what's really happening in your swing.

  • Paper Cup Tells All

    When practicing your putting indoors, putt to a paper cup instead of using glass. The lightness of the cup will give you a better read on your putts. If you hit the putt dead center, nothing will happen. If you are slightly off however, the cup will move left or right. This forces dead center hits.

  • The Ball is Irrelevant at First

    You don't have to get to the range to practice. You can change your swing indoors. The ball is irrelevant at first. In fact a lot of players change their swing faster when they can't see their ball flight. It keeps them from being result oriented and more focused on what they are trying to do with their swings.

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