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Looking Up

Looking Up refers to taking one's eyes off the golf ball. In most cases the player is actually standing up and coming out of their address posture during the strike. People will tell someone they "looked" up when in actuality they "stood" up. A player's eyes should remain on the ball so when the ball is struck a player's head should rotate to follow the ball rather than come up. The result of looking up is often a topped shot, a thin shot or a whiffed shot.

Looking Up Drills

Looking Up Tips

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  • Looking at the Cup Helps Steady Your Head

    Look at the hole. A major cause of missed short putts is excessive head movement. So instead of trying so hard to keep your head down, in practice, try looking at the cup the entire time. This will stop head movement and keep your focus on the cup. You can then decide if you want to do this only in practice.

  • Looking Up too Soon Causes Excessive Movement

    Put a coin under your ball. Make sure after you strike the putt that you are still looking at the coin. This will ensure that you are keeping your head still and will help you to make those short putts. The cause of a lot of misses is looking up to quickly which forces body movement and results in pushes and pulls.

  • Keep Your Cheek Parallel to the Ground After Impact

    To learn to stay down try watching the ball fly with your right cheek still facing the ground (for a right hander). This will help you retain your posture and keep your spine tilted forward throughout the swing. Skilled ball strikers will stay in this position all the way until the very end of the swing. If you find yourself watching your ball fly by standing up straight with your shoulders level to the ground, chances are you are coming out of the shot too soon.

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