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Putt Chip

The Putt Chip is a low trajectory green side chip shot that is used when a player is just off the edge of the green and for whatever reason cannot putt the ball. It is designed to have just a little bit of carry (enough to get the ball on the green) and then roll the intended amount to the hole. The motion and set up used for a Putt Chip is almost identical to the motion and set up used when putting.

Putt Chip Drills

Putt Chip Tips

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  • Get a Couple of "Go To" Clubs

    Although you can use every club in your bag to chip I recommend perfecting two. Maybe try a pitching wedge and a 7 iron. Once you master these they can be your fall back clubs. Experiment with all the other clubs in your bag in practice and if you feel confident enough on the course, use them. If not, use your fall back clubs.

  • Use Your Putting Stroke for the Putt-Chip

    For the putt-chip, simply use your putting grip and posture. Think of this shot as no different than a putt really other than you have an iron in your hands. The shot will come off quite a bit softer than a bump and run and is one of the most simple if not the most simple shot in golf.

  • Put Your Focus on the Landing Spot

    With all chip shots, focus on your landing spot. It's very easy to get too caught up on the flagstick. That is where you want the ball to end up, sure, but it isn't where you want the ball to land. Your intermediate target or landing spot should be the spot you are focused on. When going through your pre shot routine make sure to pick the best spot for the ball to land on the green. Depending on what club you are using and how high or low you plan on hitting the shot, this spot could be one that is near or far.

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