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Putting Grip

Putting Grip refers to both the physical handle on a golf club as well as the position of a player's hands on the putter. There are many different styles of putting grips that one can buy. Equally, there are many different ways that players place their hands on the putter. When it comes to choosing a grip to put on your putter and choosing a style of holding the club it should be noted that the most minimal amount of wrist/hand action possible is desired when putting.

Putting Grip Tips

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  • A Stronger Lead Hand Will Help You Release

    If you tend to push putts to the right try a stronger grip with your lead hand to help rotate the face back to square. For a right handed player this would mean turning your left hand more to the right. Ideally we want to have our palms facing each other in a neutral grip position. If however you are having difficulty getting the face back to square, a slight change by rotating your lead hand can be a big help.

  • Tension Makes For a Jerky Stroke

    Never grip the putter too tight as that will make your stroke rigid. To make a nice smooth pendulum stroke that stays on line, it's important to let the putter swing rather than trying to direct it. When we tense up too much, the muscles in our arms and shoulders can become jerky. That kind of tension can force the putter off line. If your shoulders, arms and hands are relaxed, the stroke will be natural.

  • Grip Styles Vary Dramatically

    There is no correct way to grip the putter, only ways that are preferred. Even among professionals grips vary dramatically from player to player. All that matters is that a player's grip is soft, eliminates excessive hand action and helps them to get the putter face back to square at impact.

  • The Bigger Your Grip, the Less Wrists You Use

    To eliminate excessive wrist action try a fatter grip. You can by bigger grips and even huge ones like you may have seen KJ Choi use. You can also use tennis tape to build up your own grip. The more of your palm it takes to hold the grip, the quieter your wrists will be. The more you hold a grip down in your fingers, the more active your wrists will be.

  • The Bigger Your Grip, The Less Wristy You Will Be

    Try a fat grip. If you are having major troubles with speed control, chances are your hands and wrists may be too involved. When the little muscles are over active, it's hard to be consistent. You could try to wrap your grip with tennis grip tape to fatten it up or purchase a new grip altogether like the super fat one that you may have seen K.J. Choi use. The bigger the grip and the more you have to palm it and the stiffer your wrists will be.

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