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Putting Posture

Putting Posture refers to the position of a golfer's body as they address a putt. Putting posture varies from full swing posture in that with putting a player is much more over the ball/target line with their eyes to help create the desired pendulum motion. With a full swing, the player is trying to rotate and therefore stands further from the target line. It is important to establish a good putting posture to be able to keep the putter on line and return the face to square.

Putting Posture Drills

Putting Posture Tips

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  • Keep Your Elbows Close

    Keep your elbows in closer to your body when putting. This will help you use your big muscles during the stroke. When you stick your elbows out and away from your body, it's easy to slide the arms around independently. Some players will even bend and straighten their arms throughout the stroke. When your elbows are in and closer to your body, it's much easier to keep the arms quite and simply use your shoulders to power the stroke.

  • Bend From Your Hips Until Your Arms Hang Straight

    To establish solid posture when putting, bend over slightly from your hips until your arms hang down from your shoulders. If you go too far your peripheral vision will be affected and it will be hard to see your line. If you stand up to high your eyes won't be level with the ground and you will tend to look to the right which can cause pushes.

  • Straight Arms Are Preferred

    To make your putting stroke more consistent, I prefer straight arms with putting posture. I believe it helps you move as a one piece pendulum working your shoulders, arms and hands as a unit. I feel that bends in the elbows and wrists at address cause a player to be bendy and wristy during the stroke. If you have had problems controlling your distance or difficulty keeping the face square, try making sure your arms are straight (but not rigid) when you set up and keep them that way throughout the stroke.

  • Avoid a Forward Press

    When putting, avoid a forward press at set up. It opens your shoulders to the line and delofts your putter. When your shoulders are open, you will either pull or slice your putts. Also, when you start with a delofted putter face you will tend to want to add loft back on the face by cupping your wrists. It's always best to set up with everything neutral and square.

  • Keep Your Eyes Over the Ball

    When putting, set up with your eyes over the ball or slightly inside the ball. Test this by holding a ball between your eyes at the bridge of your nose and letting it drop and watch where it lands. If your eyes are too far outside the line or too far inside the line it will be difficult for you to see the line. Setting up too close or too far away can also alter your swing path.

  • Set Up Square

    When putting, stand with your feet, knees and shoulders square to the target line. This is best for most players and for consistency. I think that square shoulders and forearms are a must, but if you prefer a slightly open stance with your feet that is ok. When your shoulders are open to the target line, your stroke will follow your shoulders and create a cut stroke.

  • Keep Your Arms and Club in a Line

    When setting up to putt, check to make sure that your club shaft and forearms are on the same plane. If you create a big angle between the two and have your club shaft sitting low your wrists will be more active. Having the forearms and club shaft in a straight line helps to keep your wrists quiet and promotes a pendulum motion.

  • Bend From Your Hips, Not Your Waist

    When setting up to putt, create your bend from your hips, not from your waist. A slight knee bend is good too. It is important that you keep your spine straight and bend from your hips so that your shoulders can properly rock back and forth. If you slump from the waist and round your shoulders in it will affect your shoulders' ability to rock like a pendulum.

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