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Slicing refers to when the ball curves to the right for a right handed player. A ball that starts left and curves back to the right is considered a "traditional slice". A ball that starts to the right and then curves further right would be considered a "push slice". Slicing will make the ball travel less than a hook because the ball has more backspin. A slice can be useful to get the ball out of trouble and back into play or to simply play the ball around a dog leg.

Slicing Drills

Slicing Tips

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  • A Forward Ball Position Promotes a Fade

    The farther forward you play the ball in your stance, the more you will tend to fade or slice the ball. This is because by time you get to the ball, you are already on the forward side of the arc and swinging inward. This puts cut spin (left to right spin) on the ball. This combined with an open or square clubface will give you a fade or a slice. If you happen to close the face through impact, the shot will be pulled and stay left.

  • Look at the Inside Quarter of the Ball

    Try to focus on and hit the inside back quarter of the golf ball. Most good players will tell you to look there as it facilitates and inside/out swing path. An inside/out path will help you to hit either straight shots or draws. Some players look at the ball as a whole and others actually look in front of the ball so that they will hit down and through it. If you are trying to overcome an over the top swing or an outside/in path through the ball however, looking at the back inside quarter of the ball will help.

  • Address the Ball With Your Rear Side Lower

    When addressing the ball, make sure that your rear side sits lower at address just as your rear hand sits lower on the grip. Your hips and shoulders should run parallel to each other and tilt away from your target. This means your right hip and your right shoulder will sit lower than your left hip and left shoulder at address. Setting up in this manner facilitates and inside/out take away, so it's a great thing to double check if you are having problems swinging outside/in.

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