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100 Yards & In Wins: Putting Principles

In our 100 Yards & In Wins! Putting Principles instructional video, one of the Top 50 LPGA Instructors in the World teams up with a PGA Tour Veteran who has over 500 career starts and $4 million in career earnings to show you how to develop the proper putting stroke and what to practice.

Learn How To:
  • Eliminate 3-putts
  • Make all of those 3 footers
  • Stop under-reading break
  • Stop leaving putts short
  • Make more birdies
  • Gauge speed like the pros
  • Read greens accurately
  • Gain consistency

Learn the 5 Principles of Putting

Maria's 18 years as a Top Teaching Professional combined with Jay's extensive career as a PGA Tour veteran bring an entertaining approach to teaching sound fundamentals so you can become a better putter! Together, they walk you through our 5 Principles of Putting.

For most golfers, 40% of their strokes are PUTTS because they do NOT develop the proper mechanics or know what to practice. Until NOW...
Two Pros, One Goal - To Make YOU a Better Putter!
Who is Maria Palozola?
- Over 18 years teaching experience
- Top 50 LPGA Teaching Instructor
  in the World
- LPGA Midwest Teacher of the Year
- Golf Digest Top Teachers in IL
- Golf Magazine Midwest Top Teacher
Who is Jay Delsing?
- PGA Tour Veteran with 500+ starts
- Over $4 million in career earnings
- 2 Nationwide Tour Wins
- 30 Top Ten PGA Tour Finishes
- 2 PGA Tour Runner-Up Finishes

This video has helped my putting immensely. I was surprised how quickly I improved on the course after simply watching the video. In addition, the drills are excellent and the dialogue between an accomplished tour pro and top teaching professional is fun. I am really looking forward to more videos in the series.

-- Dr. Paul Schmitz MD, a satisfied customer

Jay Delsing has a wealth of knowledge and excellent understanding of the short game. I have competed with Jay for several years on the Tour, and I know he has a ton of helpful information to offer those looking to improve their short game skills.

-- Bernhard Langer, a 2-time Masters Champion

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Principle 1: Having a Solid Setup

- Learn how to position yourself for success by setting up your body correctly using Maria's instruction.
- Jay shares what he considers, through decades on tour, to be the most important aspects of your putting setup.

Principle 2: Aiming the Putter Correctly

- Learn the most important factor in aiming your putter correctly from Maria.
- See Jay demonstrate how he checks his aim to make sure he is deadly accurate.
- Learn how to read a greens efficiently from Maria and learn Tour Players and caddy secrets on how to accurately assess break from Jay.

Principle 3: Making a Pure Path

- Understand the difference between putting on an arc vs. putting on a straight line and how to groove each path from Maria.
- Jay shares what he has learned from some of the greatest putters of all time related to their putting path.

Principle 4: Hitting the Ball in the Center of the Face

- Watch Maria's favorite drill for consistently hitting in the center of face.
- Learn Jay's tour player keys for striking the putt in the sweet spot.

Principle 5: Controlling Your Speed

- Maria demonstrates the difference in practice habits between amateurs and tour pros. Find out what she has students practice to control their backstroke length.
- Watch the technique Maria uses for distance control while taking the pressure off making putts.
- Jay relates his father's experience playing major league baseball to explain how the length of your backstroke should equate to the putt you are facing.


Plus, Get 3 Bonus Videos!

In addition to the 5 principles, get 3 GREAT bonus sections

The Bonus Section is an absolute gem for golfers wanting to go a little further than the basics - I watched it twice and will watch it again.

-- Tony Wright's

Bonus Video #1: Putting Lessons from a Pro

Learn Jay's most popular drills and techniques for refining his putting game and ensuring his putting stroke is tournament-ready. This includes:

- Jay's tip for controlling speed on the greens.
- Jay's pre-round putting warm-up.

Bonus Video #2: How to Practice Putting Effectively

Maria and Jay explain which points are most important and how to practice them properly.

- Let Maria show you how to break your putting practice sessions down to practice efficiently and effectively.
- Learn the secrets of some of the best putters in the world regarding their mental approach through Jay's experience.

Bonus Video #3: Fixing Common Putting Mistakes

Maria and Jay discuss the mistakes amateurs make most when putting and how those errors can be corrected, including:

- Stop leaving putts short.
- Don't under-read the break.
- They keys to make all those 3 footers.

What Others Are Saying About 100 Yards & Wins! Putting Principles...
"The PUTTING PRINCIPLES DVD is terrific! Maria and Jay took a most important area for improved golf and broke it down into a great progression: set-up, aim, path, centered contact, and speed/distance control. They do all of this while still emphasizing the important student-centered, individual, and non-method style of teaching this important skill. Well done...this will be an effective learning and training tool for golfers of all levels. Nice job by two great pros!"
-- Deb Vangellow, 2012 LPGA National Teacher Of The Year
"If you find yourself not performing up to the standards that you like to with your putting, I recommend checking out the 100 Yards and in to Win video Putting Principles."
-- Matthew,
"I believe all golfers who buy and watch this DVD will learn something that can help them make more putts. How can it get better than that! I highly recommend it."
-- Tony Wright's
Who is Maria Palozola?
- Top 50 LPGA Instructors in the World
- A Golf Digest Top 10 Teacher in Illinois
- A Golf Magazine Top Teacher in the Midwest
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